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It is important for all of us to ensure that the assets we have accumulated over a lifetime are left for the benefit of those people or institutions we wish to support, and left in a way that is most beneficial to the recipient. The only way to ensure this is to do a proper estate planning. The purpose of estate planning is to prepare to transfer your assets to others in your absence. Estate planning allows you to specify […]

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Do I need a health corpus when i already have medical insurance?

Can you depend on your health insurance policy to take care of all your healthcare costs? Planning and taking care of healthcare expenses pre and post retirement is an important task as these expenses generally increase with age. To ensure this, adequate health insurance should be in place.  However, a health insurance policy pays only for hospital bills and does not take care of all the expenses related to a medical treatment.  What happens to expenses incurred on health outside […]

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Should you take a loan to cover an emergency?

Many have the habit of taking loans for investing and emergency needs. But, is this a wise thing to do? What are the risks and pitfalls?  The purpose of an emergency fund Emergency expenses are living expenses one cannot go without in case of emergency, like food and shelter. There could be a setback to one’s earning capacity due to a temporary disability or a job-loss. Even a medical emergency may crop up any time when the claim takes time for settlement […]

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Gifting Grandchildren

We all know how grandparents love to make you feel special always. They shower you with gifts, buy you anything you want, just to see you happy. Most of us cherish the memory of getting a special gift from our grandparents. Without them, no event would be complete for a kid, be it annual day at school or birthday party. And it’s the same way around for them too. They always want the best for their grand kids. Mr & […]

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Am I borrowing money efficiently?

Loan is quite a popular financial instrument for meeting short term financial requirements. Many people tend to go for it without too much introspection. But before borrowing funds, there are certain rules that one must follow to avoid the debt trap of high interest rates and or weak repayment. Golden rules to follow when taking a loan While availing loans potential customers must keep in mind a set of golden rules which are as follows: Borrow only what you can […]

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The importance of knowing your networth

Nowadays, the lifestyle of most of the working class has improved drastically, thanks to the abun-dance of high-paid jobs and the increase in household income. The improved disposable income has led to an increase in the savings habit and asset accumulation. At the same time, this also increased the habit of borrowing among the people for acquiring those assets. With the recent reforms in banking sector (formalization of credit system with the introduction of CIBIL rating for availing loans) and […]

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Budgeting to save better

Budgeting is the key towards building wealth. Budgets are more than just paying bills on time. It determines how much one should spend, and on what. By preventing from overspending on less important items, a budget helps to channel resources to areas that should be given priority.  How to Budget Your Money: The 50/20/30 Guideline – How does budgeting help one save more     The 50/20/30 rule, also called the 50/30/20 budget, is one approach that can help a person […]

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How do I save for goals

We all have financial goals that we want to achieve in our life. Realising these goals can be a bit challenging taking into account present financial obligations but one can work towards such goals by adhering to a good financial plan. Let us take the example of Mr and Mrs Sharma. They have some dreams and life goals. A few of them are: Buying a 3 bedroom flat in an upcoming locality Getting a good branded car Saving for an […]

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Portfolio Management Services

As per the latest report from Credit Suisse, the total Indian household wealth stood at $5 trillion while the country is home to 2,45,000 millionaires. This report also mentions that the number of millionaires is expected to reach 372,000 while the total household income is likely to grow by 7.5% annually to touch $7.1 trillion by 2022. This shows that the wealth in India has grown on an average of 9.2% per annum since Y2K which is faster than the […]

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How to construct an ideal portfolio

Starting with an essential emergency fund( cash reserve ) , then Insurances, Asset Allocation as per one’s risk profile, timely rebalancing of portfolio, Estate Planning etc. all  focus on risk management along with strategies to beat inflation and generate  decent returns to achieve financial goals. An important part of asset allocation includes investments in Equity, Debt  Cash and Gold.. However , picking the right mix of MFs requires guidance from a professional than a novice looking for a jackpot. The best […]

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