Why financial planning

Source: IRIS (23-APR-12) http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?dir=2012/04/23/&fileR=20120423093014715 Like most people, you have hopes, dreams, and life goals for yourself and your family. These might include buying a home or business, saving for college education for your children, taking a dream vacation, reducing taxes, and retiring comfortably. Financial planning is the process of wisely managing your finances so that […]

NAV Rs 10 or Rs 100, which one is cheaper

There is no such thing that is costly or cheap NAV.

I decided to invest in mutual funds. There were two choices before me; Fund A with an NAV of Rs 13 a unit and Fund B with a NAV of Rs 22 a unit.

Was Fund A a better choice because it was cheaper? This is a question which plagues many first- time investors in mutual funds.

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