Protected: The benefit of Value Cost Averaging over Ruppee Cost Averaging.

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Roopashree HM

“Dilshad has been our family financial advisor for several years now – and we have been satisfied clients Her detailed retirement planning has been valuable in understanding investing for long term. We’ve also benefited from her advice on diversifying investments across various categories. Dilshad is also very approachable – and her dedicated staff at office […]

Saritha Subramaniam

“Dilshad has been handling my financial planning for a few years now. I find that she brings in the right blend of professionalism, interest in my well-being and financial health to the job. She made it a point, over many discussion, to understand my goals, my status and requirements without being aggressive or overt. And […]

Systematic Withdrawal Option: A tax efficient way of earning retirement inflow benefits

The benefit of Value Cost Averaging (VCA) over Rupee Cost Averaging(SIP)…
Source: IRIS (31-MAY-12)

The basic tenant of investing is buying low and selling high. However, this principal, is often never put to use, because fear, greed are stronger than long term investing discipline.

What is even sadder is the public, normally buys at highs and sells at lows, which grossly undermines returns and the investor, ends up loosing money and not being happy with the investment decision or the financial planner.