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Systematic Withdrawal Option: A tax efficient way of earning retirement inflow benefits

http://cafemutual.com/News/InnerNews.aspx?srno=82&MainType=Cli&NewsT….. IRIS 15-MAY-12 Dilshad Billimoria of Dilzer Consultants shows you how SWP can help your clients to obtain that optimum amount of income in their retirement years without the burden of tax eating into their nest egg.

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The benefit of Value Cost Averaging (VCA) over Rupee Cost Averaging(SIP)

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?fileR=20120531161627715&dir… Source: IRIS (31-MAY-12) The basic tenant of investing is buying low and selling high. However, this principal, is often never put to use, because fear, greed are stronger than long term investing discipline. What is even sadder is the public, normally buys at highs and sells at lows, which grossly undermines returns and the investor, ends up loosing money and not being happy with the investment decision or the financial planner. The basic tenant of investing systematically through a […]

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11 key attributes that define an effective financial advisor

http://www.cafemutual.com/News/InnerNews.aspx?srno=32&MainType=Fut&NewsType…. 01 May 2012 08:00 AM How you can boost your business and develop long-lasting client relationships.

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