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How should advisors relook at client portfolios

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?fileR=20120615095218715&dir=2012/06/15 Source: IRIS (15-JUN-12) So, once you have met a client, created a financial plan and recommended asset classes and investment products commensurate with his/ her goals,  executed the same, is that the end of the story, till his goal has been met? CERTAINLY NOT. Although, we provide a blue print of clients, finances, assets, liabilities, net worth, cash flows, and life goal needs, these figures are likely to change very often. In fact, every year a financial plan review/goal […]

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The Importance of Making Wills

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?fileR=20120615100716715&dir=2012/06/15 Source: IRIS (15-JUN-12) Would you like to distribute your financial and non financial assets to the person of your choice or just create trouble among the family members. Currently, the majority of disputes in the court are due to ambiguity on distribution of assets among heirs and this leads to long drawn legal battles. In the absence of a Will, your assets would be distributed based on Personal Law, which will determine the distribution of your personal assets, irrespective […]

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Dilshad Financial Planning Standrads Board

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Prepayment of home loan on which home? Self occupied or Let out

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?fileR=20120611130647715&dir=2012/06/11 Source: IRIS (11-JUN-12) If you are one of those ambitious people who have a loan on self occupied property and a let out property and decide to pre pay from your bonus amount, here`s what can help you decide which property to pre pay and why? Below is an illustration of the loan outstanding on both the properties

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