I had done a few planning exercises in the past, where the consultant had taken my inputs on my goals and the timelines. This was the first time that the the data gathering exercise was so comprehensive. Just going through the process forced me to clear my thinking about my objectives, and also brought to […]


It was nice meeting you today regarding the discussion we had. Your suggestions had helped us to see the things in a better way through all the clutter and has made it easier for us to take certain decisions. We really appreciate your approach of listening to your clients, guiding them towards their specific goals for […]

Sainath K

“I know Dilshad for over 11 years and she is the one who is guiding me in all my financial investments. Her versatility about the market gives her that competitive edge… I would say she is very genuine…thinks in line with the client requirement…approaches the business in a very professional way. She has gained confidence […]

Rohinton Kamdin

For over a decade now Dilshad has been my Investment Consultant guiding me on my investments, especially Mutual Funds. I have followed her sound advice and acted on her timely inputs provided thru regular updates, alerts and newsletters and watched my investments grow at a steady and healthy pace. She is extremely well informed, precise […]

OP Khanna

“I have known Dilshad since 1984 through his father who was not only professionally connected, but also we lived as neighbors. Dilshad has been a brilliant person right from her school/college days. She has been carrying out the Financial Advisory Service assignment that she took after her studies in an extremely professional manner. I have […]

Annual goal review and its importance

Doesn’t your doctor advise an annual medical check every year? Just to ensure things are fine, your heart still beats; and to rule out the onset of any dreaded disease.
That is exactly what an annual goal review covers in your financial plan.
Annual goal review is normally done once a year, where all the goals identified by the client and designed to accomplish by the financial planner, needs attention, and whether everything is on track for the BIG goals that are planned for.