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Double indexation benefit on FMPs

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShownew.php?dir=2013/03/25/&fileR=20130325105418715 Source: IRIS (25 March 2013) With interest rate volatility, Fixed Maturity Plans or FMPs have been a safe alternative investment option for investors seeking “almost assured yields” for a fixed time horizon, much like fixed deposits but far more tax efficient and therefore, more return efficient. Why is there a rush towards FMPs mainly in March every year? There is a double indexation benefit that one can claim for the gains accrued on the FMP at the time of […]

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Annual goal review and its importance

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShownew.php?dir=2013/03/22/&fileR=20130322151844715 Source: IRIS (22 March 2013) Doesn’t your doctor advise an annual medical check every year? Just to ensure things are fine, your heart still beats; and to rule out the onset of any dreaded disease. That is exactly what an annual goal review covers in your financial plan. Annual goal review is normally done once a year, where all the goals identified by the client and designed to accomplish by the financial planner, needs attention, and whether everything is […]

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