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Budget 2015: Expectation from the Salaried Class. Dilshad writes in Dalal Times.

Budget 2015 is much awaited for reasons more than one. This is going to be the first budget for a party that won Thumbs up victory with a clear parliamentary majority, claiming 274 votes in the Lok Sabha. This Budget 2015 is expected to present the clear short and long term vision of our honourable and dynamic Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. This euphoria has extended to the equity markets, amidst a slowing global economy and markets having spiralled reaching […]

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Dilshad Billimoria writes in Mint on the importance of Savings for children and teaching them the value of money

When I was a child, my parents gave me pocket money. I was told that if I wanted to buy something, I had to save money for it. Hence, if I wanted a doll, I would ask my father the price of the doll and ask him to calculate how many months I need to wait before I could buy it. That my father would wait a month and buy it for me himself, was a welcome surprise, but the […]

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Dilshad comments in Mint on “lessons financial gurus missed when they were young”

Anyone who has just joined the workforce for the first time has a list of things to spend on—from clothes to gadgets, and more. Saving and investment rarely feature in this list. This may sound boring and even unimportant, but if you don’t want to be financially lost, you must plan your finances. Here are a few things you can do with your income in the early stages of your career. Start early When it comes to growing your money, […]

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