Understanding the nuances of India’s Fiscal policy- By Dilshad Billimoria

July 2015 What is Fiscal Policy Fiscal Policy of our Government simply means, maintaining income and expenditure of the country to meet the stated objectives of Infrastructure Development and Growth, Improved Capital formation and Improvement of economic activity in our country. The various heads of income received by the government comprise of Taxes(Direct and Indirect), […]

A Financial Plan is a blue print to your financial goals- By Dilshad Billimoria in Mint

We all make plans and promises: to wake up early, to exercise, spend more time with family, to donate… Shouldn’t your money, too, be a part of this? It should, because many of the goals that one makes are likely to be connected to money—buying a home, starting a business, saving for your children’s college education, taking a dream vacation and retiring comfortably to name a few. Having a financial plan helps give shape to these goals. A financial plan is like a blue print of a person’s financial life. It is the direction that one needs to take to meet some goals.