Analsysis of Returns in various asset classes with co-relation details

The below chart shows the average annualised returns for each asset class, namely, GOI 10 year, Silver, Gold, Sensex, Fixed Deposit, PPF, EPF The returns analysis is taken over a period of 35 years. The returns on various asset classes(pre -tax) are an indication of performance of various asset classes over the time horizon. From […]

Have you been mis-sold an insurance policy- Here’s what you can do- written by Dilshad Billimoria in Economic Times – 15 Sept 2015

Taxation of Property for NRIs

The taxation of an individual is dependent on the residential status, which in turn is dependent on the presence of the individual in India.

The residential status of an individual in India is classified as under-

  1. Resident in India-
  2. a) Resident and ordinarily a resident (ROR)
  3. b) Resident but not ordinarily a resident (RNOR)
  4. Non Resident in India – An individual is treated as a resident in India if any one of the following conditions are satisfied-
  5. a) Individual’s stay in India is 182 days or more in the financial year