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Have you been mis-sold an insurance policy- Here’s what you can do- written by Dilshad Billimoria in Economic Times – 15 Sept 2015

http://goo.gl/IXLLa7 What one can do with unwanted and mis-sold insurance policies –┬áBy Dilshad Billimoria Sometimes customers get misguided when buying an insurance policy. Here are some of the options you can explore if you have been sold a bad or unwanted insurance policy. Let us examine some basic types of traditional insurance policies from the point of view of what corrective measures one can take if one has been mis-sold one of these. Basic types of traditional insurance policies include: […]

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Dilshad responds to readers queries on Exchange Traded Funds- Business Line – 9 Sept 2015

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Dilshad comments in Outlook Money on Financial Freedom- 15 August 2015

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Taxation of Property for NRIs

Published on moneycontrol.com http://www.moneycontrol.com/news/real-estate/taxationproperty-transactions-for-nri_2827501.html#anchore_top_strip 31 Aug 2015 The taxation of an individual is dependent on the residential status, which in turn is dependent on the presence of the individual in India. The residential status of an individual in India is classified as under- Resident in India- a) Resident and ordinarily a resident (ROR) b) Resident but not ordinarily a resident (RNOR) Non Resident in India – An individual is treated as a resident in India if any one of the […]

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