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How does the repo rate affect your loans?

The Reserve Bank of India has various tools to control and maintain liquidity in the market. CRR and Repo rates are two of such tools.  CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) is the ratio of deposits banks must maintain with the Reserve Bank of India. CRR determines bank interest rates                   It can be explained by the below example.   A person deposits Rs 1,000 in his/her bank account The bank uses the money to lend to others To be able to […]

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Should I refinance my loan?

Adopting to refinance may sound an easy way out to many home loan borrowers when RBI announces a rate cut, and banks do not offer the new rates to its existing loan borrowers. But should you refinance your car loan, home loan and personal loan? Let’s take a sneak peek to know the answers –  Should You Pay-Off your loan? Prepaying a personal loan or car loan or even a debt of credit card could benefit your financial portfolio; however […]

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Which Loan should we pay off first?

           Day to Day living  and running of the  family  for the common man entails paying off a lot of loans ,the burden of which is rather overwhelming.  Loans are a common way to improve one’s standard of living and lead a better lifestyle. One must be careful not to go over-board on loan’s taken and the burden of repayment that comes with it.            Credit card debts, home loans, student loans,  vehicle  loans, medical bills  – the list is […]

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Should I increase EMI of my loan

   Should I Increase my EMI? The desire to own a dream home is a possibility these days with a home loan. But once an individual is in debt he tries to save more and want to be quickly debt free. So what’s the best choice – increase your EMI or the tenure? Let’s quickly explore –           Can I increase EMI? Yes, you could increase your EMI in the middle of the repayment period. You […]

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