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How do I insure my start-up?

A very famous quote on insurance – Because in the blink of an eye, everything can change. —Ashley Neves Entrepreneurship is like test driving a new vehicle with the full family on a newly constructed road! Would you care to insure your start-up now? The Type of Insurance You Need for Your New Business Listing down the types of insurance you may need for your new business – Cover from Fire, Natural Calamities – Looking for cover against loss because […]

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Why is it necessary to have a backup plan while starting a new business

  One of the famous quote – If Plan A fails remember, There are 25 more letters! And another quote that counters says – The minute you have a backup plan, you have admitted you are not going to succeed! If you are amongst the start-up brigade who is soon to enter the arena, that might be confusing! As is it good to have a Plan b or not? And this post will exactly talk about that, so please continue […]

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Utilising retirement corpus for funding short term goals. Is it worth it?

Retirement is not an overriding priority for many people, especially the younger generation. However, as many people take up jobs at the private sector where there is no guarantee of any retirement income, it is essential for them to give a serious thought to the retirement planning goal. Another aspect which one needs to deal with, is a person’s temptation to redeem to make impulsive purchases. Many may be tempted to dip into Employee Provident Fund (EPF) when they accumulate […]

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Benefits of Financial Planning

Contents Benefits of Financial Planning. 1 Why should I avail Financial Planning services as against regular investment advice?. 2 Financial Planning process. 6 Benefits of Financial Planning services. 7 Why Choose a CFPCM: 8   Benefits of Financial Planning The term Financial Planning gained traction in the past few years and by now most, if not everyone, would be familiar with it. However, people still associate it only with investments and wealth management. For most of the people personal finance […]

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Plan for a vacation without compromising on your long term financial goals.

T S Eliot once said – Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage! Being part of such a beautiful country where nature is at its best all round the year, we are fortunate that we could plan a trip anytime. However, there are families complaining that a trip every year is not possible due to budget constraints. Do you also think the same? Then this post would provide you with an insight on how you could plan […]

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Incentive Structures provided to corporates

ESOPs or Employee Stock Option Scheme is an incentive linked compensation structure that are offered by some companies, where employees have the right to participate in the growth of the company for which they have contributed towards for many years. In this age of great talent, there is an impending need to show the carrot to well deserving employees as part of their compensation package and reward them judiciously over the years, based on their experience, hierarchy in the organisation […]

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Planning for Child’s Marriage.

Should I plan for child’s marriage? How much importance should I place on my child’s marriage as a financial goal ? The future is unknown and uncertain! Parents are absolutely clueless about how their children will grow and what they will grow up to be. A parent not only wants the children to have a good education, but also wants to celebrate their life’s important occasions like marriage. In order to fulfill these duties, it is imperative that one follows […]

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Building a corpus for your goals

The basic idea behind having a separate corpus for each goal is to provide a sense of discipline and direction to investments. In the absence of a goal-based investing discipline, one may have the risk of overdrawing funds for the nearest goal, leaving much less for goals still to come. For instance, withdrawing too much for child’s marriage might affect the very critical retirement plan. Having a separate portfolio for each goal helps in the below mentioned ways. Know how […]

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Should You Borrow Money To Invest?

Money Borrowing is often considered to be a bad habit! But still we have home loans, personal loans, Car loans so do you think it’s a good idea to borrow money for investment as well? Lets dive in to find out – Is it wise to borrow money and invest? Borrowing to invest is known as leveraging or gearing. And some recommend their clients to leverage for  investing, few others have a contradicting viewpoint. Gearing has a positive impact when […]

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Investing for Child Education

During a discussion with my neighbor he mentioned that the fees for a government engineering College is around 4 lakhs, that is like a 70-80 % increase to what I used to pay 12 years back [ I completed my engineering in 50,000]. My neighbor mentioned, that with such a rapid hike, I need to work on the strategy for my child’s education, but not sure where to start. Are you also facing the same dilemma? Then this post is […]

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