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Why should you start retirement planning early

We all earn and save to have a bright future, but we never think of saving exclusively for our retirement! Is retirement not our future? As per a report, 58 % of Indians do not know what their retirement income would look like. One of the reasons cited for disinclination is a lack of understanding of long-term financial planning. Our current post will dwell into why retirement planning is important and starting early is crucial! Let’s dive in – Planning […]

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Brexit : Reasons, Consequences and Options

BREXIT, the hot topic of debate, has caused tremendous volatility in world stock markets recently. So why is Brexit or the ‘British exit from the European Union’ causing such a commotion? The United Kingdom aka Britain, has arranged for a referendum on June 23rd 2016 to decide whether to continue as a member of the European Union(EU) – a monetary union it has been a part of since 1973. This referendum was a promise made by British prime minister David […]

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How much Insurance a person needs- Insurance Evaluation methods

Insurance protects a person and his/her family from financial difficulties. However, in most cases, people find it difficult to estimate the correct value of insurance they need. There are several simple methods available to broadly estimate one’s life insurance needs. Five simple rules are: 1.Human Life value Method It is a method of calculating the amount of life insurance a family will need based on the financial loss the family would incur if the insured person were to pass away […]

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How much insurance does a non-working spouse need?

 Let’s begin this discussion with a small story. There was a family of four. Anand, a small businessman, his wife Asha and two kids Nitu and Vishal. Anand was 39 years old.  He lived a good life.  He ran a small business that provided him with a very good income and allowed him to devote reasonable time with his family. Then, tragedy struck.  Asha’s life was taken away by a drunk driver.  Anand’s life and the lives of his children […]

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Term Plan with benefits- should one consider it?

What is a term insurance plan?  Term insurance plan is a type of life cover • It provides coverage for a defined period of time, and if the insured expires during the term of the policy then death benefit is payable to nominee. • Term plans are specifically designed to secure the family needs of a person in case of death or uncertainty. • It provides specific amount of coverage for specific period of time Why should a person buy […]

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