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Make it easy for your legal heirs

The passing away of a loved one always creates an emotional and financial trauma, especially if they have suffered alot. It may be difficult to draft a will when someone has a serious illness like last stage of cancer, or if there is a sudden accidental death and the only survivors are the children who are minors, or if a patient becomes brain dead and is incapacitated. Sometimes, even in old age, grandparents and parents consider writing a will as taboo, since it is considered a bad omen if one were to write about distribution of assets. […]

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5 Questions To Ask Your Life Insurance Advisor Before You Buy (BusinessWorld)

Has your Advisor evaluated the need for this particular policy in light of your existing policies? Be sure to check that your Advisor isn’t just ‘selling’ you a policy blindly. If only we had a rupee for every time someone bought a Life Insurance policy without fully understanding its features, we’d surely be millionaires by now! The next time you decide to add to your Life Insurance portfolio, make sure you ask your Advisor these 5 questions before you sign […]

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