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Post Retirement Investment Strategies

Mr. and Mrs. Innani after a year of retirement were shocked to see a notice of not filling the tax sheet on time. The duo was under the impression that once you are retired and you are not earning, you do not need to pay tax. Are you the one under the same impression? Then, let’s dive in to see what investment strategies could help you to enjoy your retirement peacefully. The Golden Rules of Retirement Investment  Many people mark […]

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How much corpus do I need to retire peacefully?

Retirement planning is a complex process because of uncertainty associated with the factors that impact it. For instance, job security, growth of economy, inflation, returns from investments, and rising medical expenses are some of the factors that impact financial planning for retirement. The golden rule of retirement planning is that there is never enough. You have to incur medical expenses, face the rising inflation, and many other uncertainties that require money. To know where the figure regarding enough savings for […]

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Is a monthly pension enough for your retirement

The core function of a pension plan is to give you pension. But do you know how much returns you will get out of pension plans when the time comes for retirement? A lot of pension products do not give a clear idea on how much will you get at the end. What if the return earned is a  mere 4%, when inflation itself is 8% What will you do? One major drawback is that you have no clue what […]

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Pros and Cons for using insurance for Retirement

Retirement planning Retirement planning is the important task of deciding how you will live once you retire. It involves the consideration of a number of factors .A few are mentioned below At what age you plan to retire. How much money you will need to cover living expenses. The things you plan to do once you have retired. Where your money will come from. Types  of insurance policies available for retirement 1.Ulips Geared for Old-age Cover These are single premium […]

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Investing Mistakes to avoid pre and post retirement

Financial security and freedom in retirement does not just happen. It takes a lot of planning, money  and commitment. Ways to Prepare for Retirement Start saving, keep saving, and stick to goals The sooner a person starts saving, the more time the money has to grow. Saving for retirement should be a priority. And it is never too early or too late to start saving. Knowing one’s retirement needs Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that a person earning a lesser […]

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