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Group Health Cover- Advantages and Disadvantages

Ria whose father was suffering from cataract, who was covered under Group Insurance Policy, was  surprised to know that just the part of cataract operation would be covered under insurance, and rest has to be paid by the individual. Many of the individuals face similar kind of situations. Are you the one? Then read our post to get the insights of how a group health cover helps and when it could be a curse!  What is Group Health Cover? Investopedia […]

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How to factor medical expenses into the retirement plan

Healthcare costs form a major part of the expenses for  a person. They are additional expenses that rise with age. Medical inflation is saif to be 25% per annum against normal inflation of 6-8% per annum. Only the salaried class in India t have social security benefits. Most indians do not have a well planned social security, pension or long term health-care plan in place,  unlike most of the other developed countries And unless one works in a public sector […]

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Can you fund your retirement through rental income?

Rental Income is quite a favourite as a retirement planning tool and used by many. People generally buy a second property primarily for investment and rental income purpose. In fact rental properties offer the rare opportunity to generate extra cash in post-work life. However one needs an inflation adjusted income to see themselves  through retirement To earn a good rental yield, a property should not only have been bought at a reasonable price, but should also have specific advantages. Central […]

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How many more years should you work?

Expert’s advice to start planning for retirement at an early age, however, what’s the right age for retirement? The protocol laid by the constitution or a VRS [Voluntarily Enforced Scheme] enforced [at times] by semi-government and private firms? Looking for answers?. Let’s get started – The Age To Retire  We can categorize people into three categories Go With The Flow – Under this category people simply follow the firm’s norms and wait for retirement to happen. Like a person working […]

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