How do I insure my start-up?

A very famous quote on insurance –
Because in the blink of an eye, everything can change. —Ashley Neves
Entrepreneurship is like test driving a new vehicle with the full family on a newly constructed road! Would you care to insure your start-up now?

Why is it necessary to have a backup plan while starting a new business

One of the famous quote – If Plan A fails remember, There are 25 more letters!

And another quote that counters says – The minute you have a backup plan, you have admitted you are not going to succeed!

Utilising retirement corpus for funding short term goals. Is it worth it?

Retirement is not an overriding priority for many people, especially the younger generation. However, as many people take up jobs at the private sector where there is no guarantee of any retirement income, it is essential for them to give a serious thought to the retirement planning goal.

Benefits of Financial Planning

The term Financial Planning gained traction in the past few years and by now most, if not everyone, would be familiar with it. However, people still associate it only with investments and wealth management.

Plan for a vacation without compromising on your long term financial goals.

T S Eliot once said – Travel is never a matter of money, but of courage! Being part of such a beautiful country where nature is at its best all round the year, we are fortunate that we could plan a trip anytime. However, there are families complaining that a trip every year is not possible due to budget constraints. Do you also think the same? Then this post would provide you with an insight on how you could plan a domestic and international vacation with your family.