What should you expect from a financial planner

You search for a financial planner on Google, and it returns you lakhs of pages as an answer. How do you know which one to choose? Or which ones are reliable and have enough credibility? In this world of “Expertise” where information is floating everywhere for free, it’s hard to differentiate the real and the fake. So, read on our post on Who are financial planners and what to expect from them

Plan your expenses to stay abroad

Living overseas is likely to be one of the most memorable, exciting adventure of a person’s life – but if considering doing investments while living as an expatriate, one needs to do some thinking and research before going ahead with the same.

Budget expenses to study abroad

Akira, after completing her graduation and working for almost two years with a private firm, decided to pursue Post Graduation from a Foreign University. She knew what all top colleges she needs to target, but was not sure on how much money she needs. If you are also under the same dilemma, our post will help you to budget your expenses while studying abroad.

How do I Insure myself from business losses

If a person is thinking on the lines of starting a new business, he/she also probably needs to think about what risks of the business are needed to be covered with insurance.
One needs to cover a range of risks and potential incidents, like accidents, injuries, equipment damage, theft and liability claims. Equally important is to ensure that the coverage is just right for business needs and is fairly priced.