Alternatives to Investing in Debt Fixed Deposits

Are you still following the traditional investing options for the spare money in your account popularly known as Fixed Deposit [FDs]? If you answered a YES, this post is exactly for you, as we educate you with different and smart invest options.

How to save tax the proper way

When its the end of every financial year and you get Goosebumps -on how to show investment proofs to save tax? Are you still understanding HRA, insurance, LTA, and medical claims? Are you scared if after submitting proof still, you may attract Income tax notice? Its better you save at the beginning of the financial year and inform your company the same.

Mutual funds in India and their profitability

Mutual funds are in the form of Trust (usually called Asset Management Company) that manages the pool of money collected from various investors for investment in various classes of assets to achieve certain financial goals. We can say that a Mutual Fund is a trust which pool the savings of a large number of investors, reinvests those funds for earning profits and then distribute the dividend among the investors. In return for such services, Asset Management Companies charge fees.

Tax saving options

It is important to consider tax–efficient investing whenever possible.  Investors can improve returns by applying strategies to minimize their tax burden.

Section 80C has listed out many Investment options that can not only help save on tax but also help to grow wealth.