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Gifting Grandchildren

We all know how grandparents love to make you feel special always. They shower you with gifts, buy you anything you want, just to see you happy. Most of us cherish the memory of getting a special gift from our grandparents. Without them, no event would be complete for a kid, be it annual day at school or birthday party. And it’s the same way around for them too. They always want the best for their grand kids.

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Am I borrowing money efficiently?

Loan is quite a popular financial instrument for meeting short term financial requirements. Many people tend to go for it without too much introspection. But before borrowing funds, there are certain rules that one must follow to avoid the debt trap of high interest rates and or weak repayment.

The importance of knowing your networth

Nowadays, the lifestyle of most of the working class has improved drastically, thanks to the abun-dance of high-paid jobs and the increase in household income. The improved disposable income has led to an increase in the savings habit and asset accumulation.

Home Loans in India

Home Loans in India.
Home Loans in India are provided by a number of banks and financial insitutitions. The table below illustrates the key terms, rates of interest and conditions of some of these financial institutions.

Budgeting to save better

Budgeting is the key towards building wealth. Budgets are more than just paying bills on time. It determines how much one should spend, and on what. By preventing from overspending on less important items, a budget helps to channel resources to areas that should be given priority.