Quick way to pay your advance tax online

Many clients were recommended changes on their portfolio as part of portfolio optimisation requirements for FY17-18 (Assessment year 18-19)

The tax implications on any changes have been communicated to the client at the time of making the changes and the advance tax payment dates are 15th June/ 15th September / 15th December / 15th March.

Radio Ishq 5th march 2018

Research Note: Employee Provident Fund – How to Check Balance, Transfer or Withdraw

The Employee Provident Fund or EPF is one of the most important retirement savings schemes in India.  Here is some information on how to verify the balances and what are the methods to transfer or withdraw the money in the EPF account.

The need for an emergency fund

One of the initial steps in the financial planning process involves taking care of unforeseen risks or emergency situations which emerge uninformed or need immediate action.  Besides getting protected by means of health and life insurance, a person needs to create a corpus so as to meet any other financial risks/expenses – be it for meeting the household expenses for over a month or honouring commitment towards loan EMIs etc.