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NRIs Buying Real Estate In India

If you are a non-resident Indian (NRI) planning to buy a property in India, time could not have been better for you to do so. While India’s real estate sector has seen a price correction in the recent past, buying property in Indian has also become more lucrative with favourable currency rates.  India has emerged as a lucrative spot for international capital. Overseas investments have surged 137 per cent, from USD 3.2 billion during 2011-13 to USD 7.6 billion during 2014-16. […]

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Radio 104.8 FM Ishq

Impact of Total Expense Ratio Reduction on Mutual funds- September 2018

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What are the tax implications of receiving an Inherited Property

Real Estate Sector is one of the most sought-after investment alternatives in India. We usually make it as an emotional asset too. Many people want to make a mark of their own in the heart of their next generation and for that, they consider property as the best tool. The property thus acquired in one’s lifetime has to be transferred to the next generations like what our ancestors had passed on to us.  You can obtain immovable property in various […]

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Radio Ishq 104.8FM

When is the last date for IT Filing and what are the forms to be filed for Income Tax Returns Have a home loan? What is the best repayment procedure.

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Have you analysed your insurance policies?

A discussion with Vijay Venkatraman- Owner of Wealthforum on do insurance policies really help meet your goals Are Insurance Policies really beneficial? 

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How Genuine is Unsolicited Aid? Outlook Money September 2018

Yesterday Arun sent me a mail,stating that the SBI Life Manager is saying investing in equity mutual funds is not good anymore, because of the 10 per cent long-term capital gains tax imposed on equity after April 1, 2018 basis Budget 2018 announcement. Instead, the manager went on to say “there is a fantastic ULIP plan that will double your money in three years and returns are tax free!” Debunking Risk

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Radio Ishq with Dilshad

How long should one “hold” an investment Is Gold a good investment option.

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