How to avoid capital erosion arising out of inflation

Inflation never seems like a problem until suddenly it is. While it may be good news for borrowers, since it erodes the value of their debts, it can be damaging to savers, investors and pensioners, chipping away at the value of future interest and dividend payments and eroding the value of their capital. Once price rises become entrenched, consumers feel the pain, businesses become reluctant to invest and the stock market starts to get worried.

Joint Will or Separate Wills

A last will and testament is an important document giving evidence to an individual’s intentions regarding the passing of property upon death. Failure to create a will can have unintended consequences whereby property inadvertently passes to unintended beneficiaries.

Teaching Money Skills to Children and Learning from them!

Sheroy does not have a specific plan for the Sheroy Corpus Fund. He has learnt the discipline not to waste or overspend from his family.

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How Often Should I update my WILL

A Will makes succession less complicated and simpler. However many family members do fight and challenge Wills. As per Estate planning experts, this is mainly because of loop holes, overlaps or contradictions in the document arising due to people failing to revise and update their Will periodically.

Can setting up a Trust suffice the necessity of Estate Planning

One of the most integral part of financial planning is Estate Planning.  It ensures that in the event of estate owner’s death, the survivors get access to his/her assets without any disputes and legal issues, in the proportion decided by the estate owner. Wills and Trusts are important vehicles for effective estate planning.