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Radio Ishq 104.8FM On Start Ups (26 november2018)

What to keep in mind from the financial angle before deciding to jump the start up bandwagon.

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Children and Money Ishq 104.8FM(19 November 2018)

Teaching Money Skills to children.

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Teaching Money Skills to Children and Learning from them!

Sheroy does not have a specific plan for the Sheroy Corpus Fund. He has learnt the discipline not to waste or overspend from his family. “I want the security that come from having sufficient savings to continue,” he said. Just as he inculcated good habits from his family, he also learnt money lessons from their experiences. His grandparents did not buy a house early in their career and he now sees them dealing with the issues of renting a home. He sagely […]

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Radio Ishq 104.8FM

What is the mindset of Millennial’s and their attitude to investments and savings.  

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Dhantheras Special on Radio Ishq 104.8FM

Should you buy gold on Dhanteras?

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