What are ETFs? Are they for you?

Tips to manage your finances if you are settling abroad.

It’s quite common these days to
see people move abroad to settle down. Settling abroad is an exciting, but a
complex task, especially when it comes to your finances. Taking care of a few
financial things, among others, will ensure a smooth transition. Here are some
financial steps you must take before you leave the country.

What is Smart Traveller Enrolment Program (STEP)? Its importance, benefits and enrolment procedure?

Careful planning and common sense are two of the best ways to stay safe when traveling, security situations can change very rapidly in foreign countries and if you’re not carefully following the news, you might miss an important update.

Living abroad after retirement – A know-how

Retirement used to mean settling down, but for some it now means jetting off.

Retirement is increasingly a stage of life when people undertake great and bold migrations – People in their 60s are looking to retire but they’re often cash-poor and living in a country with a high standard of living and prices to match. For some, retiring overseas is an option, but it pays to do your homework.

The Average Time to Reach Profitability in a Start Up Company

It is impossible to define an average time to profitability for a start-up company because different start-ups will measure profitability in different ways. In conventional terms, it can take two to five years. The entrepreneur can take an income from a company even while it is making a loss on paper, while investors can profit if they are paid back a fixed interest rate on their investment regardless of how the company is doing.