Motor Insurance Options

It reduces liability – Taking Third Party Liability (TPL) car insurance covers one against the legal ramifications of an accident caused by one.

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What is to be considered in Home Insurance

Property Insurance is a banking product, which allows the policy holder to secure their house and its contents against risks like fire, theft or earthquake.

There are two types of home insurance policies in India:

1) A basic fire protection policy and

2) A comprehensive policy called the household package policy.

Investment Options for NRIs

5 Rules To Remember While Filing Tax Returns

Most people dread the tax season. Paying tax is seen as a burden and the whole process of filing returns is associated with boredom and complexity. Some taxpayers make mistakes too. For example, while filing taxes, some do not consider their entire income or others fail to consider all the taxation rules. Some try to evade taxes. Filing incorrect returns deliberately or unintentionally can land you in hot soup. It is important to file the correct income tax returns and to pay tax applicable before the due date .

Dont take your retirement planning lightly

Retirement planning could be the trickiest of all goals. This is because the distribution phase lasts anywhere between 10-30 years. In this phase everything – be it interest rates, policy changes, taxation, governments, lifestyle, (sometimes) even goals – can change. That is why retirement requires careful analysis and planning.

 There are so many forms! Which Income Tax Form Should I Fill To File my returns

An Income Tax Return(ITR) is a summary of income earned, losses made, investments made, taxes paid etc. It is not enough to just pay taxes. You have to file your income tax return with the government. This will help in recording that you have paid your tax as well as calculate the correct tax payable.