Factors to be considered while selecting mutual fund schemes

Today, with over 3,500 mutual schemes available in the market the task of picking the right mutual fund can be rather mind boggling. Moreover with a tendency amongst investors to fall for the “Rs 10” investment proposition – offered by New Fund Offerings (NFOs), the task of picking the right ones can be even more daunting. While many investors also do feel that ‘any’ mutual fund can help them achieve their desired goals, let us apprise you that each mutual fund scheme is unique and caters to a certain risk profile.

Taxation of NRIs and PIOs

You landed yourself a plush job outside the country, you are living the dream. Your favourite aunt can’t stop addressing you as the NRI at every party. Suddenly your prospects are booming on the matrimonial sites due to your new found status. However, the Income Tax Act had a plan of its own and has laid out certain conditions to define your residential status. Your tax-ability in India will be defined by this status.

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