An Investors look at Government Subsidies Sectors and Products

Government Subsidy for Small Business – Organic Farming The Government of India under National Project on Organic Farming gives capital free credit to business generation units producing organic fertilizers / bio-fertilizers. NABARD/NCDC will discharge the qualified subsidy amount by DAC ahead of time according to the necessity. You will get half advance subsidy to the taking interest banks for keeping the same in subsidy save subsidize proof of the concerned borrower.

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An Investors look at eco sustainable businesses and solutions

In 2015, the United Nations General Assembly declared 17 global goals for 2030 known as the Sustainable Development Goals, which included broad ambitions like eliminating poverty, gender equality and clean water and sanitation. However, sustainability goes beyond environmentally-friendly business practices; it includes a commitment to gender equality and diversity, social mobility, and investing in the community and making the least carbon foot print.