What is Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

In India, SEBI requires REITs to be listed on exchanges and to make an initial public offer to raise money. Just like MFs, REITs are subject to a three-tier structure, the sponsor who is responsible for setting up the REIT, the fund management company which is responsible for selecting and operating the properties, and the trustee who ensures that the money is managed in the interest of unit-holders.

Why take a Joint Home Loan

Joint Home Loan Eligibility

The relationship between the co-applicants governs the joint home loan eligibility.
Any two or more persons can jointly apply to buy the home.
Spouse, siblings or parents are considered as valid co-applicants or co-borrowers.
Friends, sisters or unmarried couples, business partners can be a co-owner of a property but they cannot be a co-borrower in a joint housing loan.

A Rich Life

Financial Stability

Financial stability and success is essential to have a good life. It gives you peace of mind. If you are financially stable, you can think of non-monetary aspects of life that will allow you to live a complete life.

How do you bring financial stability?