“Trusting one’s investments with a financial planner is always a tricky choice – My investment choices were haphazard – to say the least – till I met Dilshad. Over last 5+ years, I have received a candid advise from her She is mild mannered – but well read in her field of business. Very sensitive about the changing market conditions and its possible impacts on the investment portfolio; I can expect a proactive call from Dilshad (and a mail my mailbox with tons of forms!) urging me to consider a change in my investment pattern. Dilshad has always explained the rationale behind her suggestions leaving a choice to me to make the changes – I appreciate that very much. My investments have been impacted by recent financial market turmoil – but in absence of some of the timely advise from Dilshad, it could have been worse 🙂 My best wishes to you, DIlshad and many thanks!!”