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India: Startup ecosystem and startup costs.

  1      India: Startup Scene According to a report by World Startup, which evaluated universal startup ecosystems and recent NASSCOM 2015 startup report[1], India is the fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world with +4200 startups by October 2015, 110 startup incubators/accelerators and 2 times growth in number of investors in recent past[2]. A very high percentage of known new businesses are ‘technology-enabled’ which eradicates the need to list out ‘ICT’ as startup enabler in India[3]. Largely, ecommerce and aggregator […]

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Market Dynamics & Fundamentals

Please find below the Macro data points of the Economy. 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Difference between 2014 & 2015 Observation between 2014 & 2015 Income of Govt (INR Billion) 5,912 6,000 8,010 7,964 8,953 6,938 5,134 -1,804 ↓ Expenditure of Govt (INR Billion) 1,500 1,683 1,722 1,953 2,167 2,764 3,100 336 ↑ Fiscal Deficit (Expenditure Over Income- %) 5.99% 6.46% 4.89% 5.75% 5.19% 4.77% 3.99% -0.78% ↑ Imports (USD Million) 303,696 288,373 369,769 489,181 361,272 450,200 448,033 […]

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Financial Saving

SUMMARY There is a declining trend seen in savings which depicts a negative sign for the economy, leading to increase in current account deficit and a call for increased investment. The savings rate dipped to the lowest in the past nine years and has accentuated the macroeconomic imbalances. Indian household is saving less as well as borrowing. For GDP to increase more economic activity coupled with investment is required. The government has already taken measures in Budget 2014. The table summarizes the […]

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Health and Medical Insurance Plan Options – A comparative analysis of what you pay and what you get among the top 10 health insurers.

Ilustration 1 – Family Floater Option for 35 years male and 10 lacs sum insured Insurer Product Sum Assured Premium (1 yr) Premium (2 yr) Premium Discount No Claim Bonus* No Claim Bonus validity (Years) Sum Assured if no claim is made (No claim bonus) Policy Tenure (years) No. Of Family Member Covered Room Rent Cap (Y/N) Disease wise Waiting Period (Y/N) Minimum Waiting Period before first claim for (days) No. Of Years Pre Existing Disease are Excluded General Exclusions […]

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Child Education Plan and Retirement Pension Plan – Insurance Company Analysis

Child Plan Children’s Insurance Company Analysis   PLANS Life Insurance Corporation of India ICICI Prudential Life Insurance HDFC Standard Life Insurance Birla Sunlife Insurance Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance SBI Life Insurance Max Life Insurance Tata AIA Life Insurance Reliance Life Insurance ING Vysya Life Insurance Parameters Policy Name Child ULIPs NA Smart Kid Solution Youngstar Super Premium NA Future Gain Smart Scholar Shikhsha Plus Super Super Achiever Education Plan Wealth Maxima Child Child Endowment Plan MoneyBack NA Youngstar Udaan Vision […]

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Analsysis of Returns in various asset classes with co-relation details

The below chart shows the average annualised returns for each asset class, namely, GOI 10 year, Silver, Gold, Sensex, Fixed Deposit, PPF, EPF The returns analysis is taken over a period of 35 years. The returns on various asset classes(pre -tax) are an indication of performance of various asset classes over the time horizon. From the attached graph one can derive returns from Equity (Sensex), as an asset class, exceeds the others by a margin of approximately 14% While one’s […]

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