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Health Insurance Policy- Make the Right Choice.

Medical expenses are quite high and at the same time cannot be postponed or neglected. So it is important to buy a medical insurance policy for yourself and your family members.

Numerous medical insurance policies are available in the market. They provide for prevention care, check-ups, hospitalization and medical treatment. They cover individuals, families, senior citizens etc.

Have you analysed your insurance policies?

A discussion with Vijay Venkatraman- Owner of Wealthforum on do insurance policies really help meet your goals Are Insurance Policies really beneficial?

When should you discontinue an insurance policy

Term plans are straightforward products and you can rarely go wrong while buying one. Even so, you can end up with an unsuitable policy or fall into a trap. For most buyers, the premium alone is the deciding factor. The best feature of term plans is that they are cheaper than the traditional plans available.

Is it prudent to buy insurance for a spouse who does not earn?

Insurance and risk management is as old as trade and exchange of goods for money. Common sense dictates that when there is a risk it’s wise to distribute or transfer the risk to a wider community. Insurance dates back to the early ages of trade & finance.

What are the data points in term insurance calculation

A  term plan gives the policy holder an opportunity to get the protection of life insurance cover for his family at minimal costs. However, if the insured person survives the policy term he would not be eligible to receive any amount.

How much Life Insurance do you need

Estimating Life Insurance Requirement is an important part of financial planning. While buying life insurance, many people are unable to arrive at an adequate sum assured in sync with their requirement. Many people do not have life insurance at all, thereby risking the financial well-being of their families.

Is Company Provided Health Cover Sufficient?

If you want value for what you pay , then do it at the right time. There are many young people these days who opt for  early health & life insurance. This is a smarter move as it comes cheap if started early. Each generation of employees are getting smarter than the previous .

Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Health insurance is a must for senior citizens, because health risks increase substantially with seniority. Increased health related risks and expenses associated with it, coupled with lower income during retirement, make health insurance one of the most necessary aspects of financial planning for senior citizens.