Health Insurance Policy- Make the Right Choice.

Medical expenses are quite high and at the same time cannot be postponed or neglected. So it is important to buy a medical insurance policy for yourself and your family members.

Numerous medical insurance policies are available in the market. They provide for prevention care, check-ups, hospitalization and medical treatment. They cover individuals, families, senior citizens etc.

Research Desk- Education Cost funding for Graduation and Post Graduation- India and Overseas

From the Research Desk of Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd

Research Note: Employee Provident Fund – How to Check Balance, Transfer or Withdraw

The Employee Provident Fund or EPF is one of the most important retirement savings schemes in India.  Here is some information on how to verify the balances and what are the methods to transfer or withdraw the money in the EPF account.

Case Study – To pay capital gains tax or not

When an investment property was sold by Ashok in October 2016, he had 6 months to invest in Sec 54EC capital gains bonds to avail tax exemption on the capital gains arising from the sale of his property purchased in June 2005.

Research Analysis- Insurance policies for the physically and mentally challenged people

India houses the largest population of disabled people in the world; 26.8 Million disabled in India, as per Census 2011, that basically means every 2 out of 100 Indians are disabled. With such an astounding number of disabled people in India, almost every family is either dependent on a disabled person, or is responsible for taking care of a disabled member.

Future Child Education funding costs

From the Research Desk of Dilzer Consultants Pvt Ltd
1 All Course fees are approximate average fees per year unless specified.
2 The costs mentioned are taking into account the current costs in Metros like
– New Delhi, Mumbai,Chennai, Kolkota, Bangalore and Hyderabad.
In private institutions at Non-metros, the cost may decrease by 5-10%.
3 The costs were derived comparing various courses offered across Indian cities.
4 All the costs applies only to regular classroom courses and does not cover corrspondence or online courses.
5 The living costs of each country has been provided in the currencies of the respective countries.