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Investment Advisory Monitoring and Benchmarks

Diffrenciate or die

Investing is only one component of Financial planning, though certainly an important one. We believe that an investment policy statement  can be designed only after the initial financial planning process is complete and a target return is established, based on risk profile. We allocate assets among major classes of equity, ETF, bonds and real estate and liquid. Equity is based on large, mid capitalization stocks and further as growth and value stocks.

Bonds are based on short, medium, and long term bonds, based on duration of needs.
Taxes represent a significant consideration for every long term investor, By minimizing income taxes, clients retain more wealth to help reach their goals.

Monitoring and benchmarks

We understand that every client has a different risk profile (identified through a psychometric risk profiling test), investment objective and time horizon.

Under investment advisory we tailor our services according to your needs. So at the very inception we work intensively towards bringing greater certainty to outcomes by bringing alignment between your tolerance for risk, your financial aspirations and your investment portfolio. The process is well documented in an investment policy statement and through a consultative approach.

We will implement, manage and reevaluate your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

The fees for managing your portfolio, are a percentage of assets under management.
Once an asset allocation strategy has been determined for a pool of capital through the optimization process, specific investment decisions are made. A carefully selected group of funds is selected to match your risk profile .

We take cognizance of the fact that your profile is likely to change with time and hence through regular monitoring, performance analysis, consultation and detailed reports you will be kept up to date with your portfolio performance and any changes of opportunities that may arise.

Dilzer Consultants offers you a complete range of unbiased solutions within your overall asset allocation after evaluating all the worthy options available in the market to suit your personalized needs.

How awesome does that sound!