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The real estate sector in India has come a long way from being dominated by a handful of players in the 90s to an expanding base of developers, investors and global stakeholders buoyed by the growing construction industry in the country. The sector has been undergoing corporatization and professionalism and is recognized as a key sector contributing to the economic development of the country.

After witnessing strong growth in 2010, the sector witnessed a slight correction in 2011. The current easing stance of the RBI has rejuvenated sentiments in this sector, however, in the short term, economic conditions will be challenging. In the long run, urbanization is inevitable and this will continue to fuel significant demand for real estate, making us optimistic about future growth prospects in this sector.

To add to this, the Government has taken several initiatives that are expected to generate positive results and investor inflows.Source : Mc Kenzie Global Institute Research

Opportunity Middle Class: India!

  • Increase in number of households in ‘Strivers & Seekers’ category from 7.3 mn in 2005 to 87 mn in 2025.
  • India’s housing stock is currently at 19 million units as compared to 92 million units in the U.S. for a similar size urban population.
  • Average home price is 4.5x annual salary today vs. 22x ten years ago.
  • Affordable housing supply is 5 million homes for a demand of 30 million homes; supply is forecast to increase to 12 million homes and demand to 50 million homes by 2030
  • Mortgage penetration is currently at 6% of GDP and has been increasing at a 20% CAGR in recent years. Source: Saare Homes.

Aditya Birla Property Management, is a division of Aditya Birla Money Mart, dedicated to providing solutions in helping people choose apartments, villas and plots with the builder at attractive rates and meeting the end needs of the buyer with the builder.
They have a dedicated team of over 20 professionals with over 300 projects at hand from over 75 builders. Thus meeting the budget, location, time goal and other needs of investing in a property.

Dilzer Consultants Private Limited along with Aditya Birla Property Management, is offering Property Management Solutions to its clients.

There is no brokerage fees to be paid to Aditya Birla or Dilzer Consultants.
The Builder offers the compensation.

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