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Property Investment Options

Smart Owner has developed a unique and innovative way for clients to invest in real estate with the flexibility to invest in smaller sizes at discounted rates upto 50% of the pre-launch price.

In order to ensure safety and security of funds, Smart Owner, offers properties only from reputed builders, and has the added advantage of negotiating a bulk price discount directly from the builder , after due diligence is done by the legal team.

Smart Owner is backed by one of the best Promoters, who have been listed in the attachment.

All amounts invested by the client, remains in a HDFC bank escrow account, until the time, the client is named the fractional owner of the property..

The working:

When you want to buy:

The client decides how many square feet to buy and pays directly to HDFC bank escrow account. The bank pays the builder and the client gets an agreement with the name and square footage purchased.

When you want to sell:

Smart Owner selects the best time to maximise returns, the buyer pays the sale amount to HDFC escrow and HDFC bank, pays the client.(you)


The benefits of investing through Smart Owner:

  1. Properties at deep discounts.
  2. Flexible investment options.
  3. Rigorous due diligence.
  4. Managed by experts.
  5. Potential for huge capital appreciation.
  6. Guareented pay back prices to the client over a specified duration and therefore guareented returns.

All the above questions can be answered by a trust worthy and competent financial planner.

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