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Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management


Personal Financial Planning and wealth Management is an integral process and goes side by side. Both of these revolve around all the areas of Finance like Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities. We take a Holistic view of your finances and design a comprehensive plan for you to achieve your Long and short Term goals. 

The different aspects that we cover in comprehensive Financial plan include:


Cash Flow Statement outlying Income and Expenditure and thus illustrating Savings Component.

Net-Worth Statement Analysis.

Insurance Need Analysis and existing insurance policy analysis.

Investment Analysis and Investment Planning.

Contingency Planning.

Debt Management.

Retirement Planning.

Child Education Planning.

Health Insurance need analysis.

Car Purchase/ White good purchase.

House purchase.

Vacation Planning.

Business Start Up Planning.

Estate Planning and WILL creation.

Tax Planning.


Why do a Goal Review and what is covered:

Savings without a goal in mind, is like a headless chicken without direction. We need to know where we are in terms of our investments. Are the rates of investment return assumed for each goal, meeting the portfolio growth rate? Is the risk tolerance rate of return enabling the client to meet goals. What is the risk required rate of return? If  portfolio growth is higher, we can either advance the goal, or increase the target amount at goal year or be ready to brace surplus, which will only help! Are there changes in assets, liabilities which will impact the Net Worth? Has income growth met target assumption rates and are cash flows as planned? What is the new disposable surplus income available for investment Is inflation the same as assumed the previous year? And of course are the goals on track with what we had planned initially.

Only our Asset Under Management Clients can benefit from our Annual Goal Review.

All the above questions can be answered by a trust worthy and competent financial planner.