How should you go about planning for your child’s marriage?

Every parent wishes for the best. Not only does one want the child to have a sound education, but also wants a grand wedding. In order to fulfil these desires, it is imperative for one to follow the right approach towards planning for the important financial goals.


Should I Repair or Just Replace My Old Car?

Nowadays, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity. But with time, wear and tear is inevitable for even the best-kept vehicle.  And, sooner or later, the decision must be made whether to repair or replace the good old car.

Should I buy a car through loan immediately or wait until I build a corpus to buy a new car few years from now?

With a fall in interest rates, borrowing instruments are gaining popularity. The younger generation especially is relying on borrowing facilities such as credit card, personal loans etc to buy expensive gadgets like bikes, cars, smartphones etc. Whereas the older generation is borrowing funds to accomplish the fund shortages for unplanned buying. Borrowing is not a bad practice, but unplanned borrowing is not healthy for your personal finance.

Financial Independence

What is financial independence? While there are many opinions to this answer, basically, being debt free and creating a nest egg that will allow a person to live the rest of his/her life in comfort; forms the cornerstone of financial independence.  Everyone would love to live a life where they do things that they enjoy without having to work at a job only for the financial security it provides. 

How will I evaluate the current and future value of my car?

To own a good car is the dream of every individual, which is why buying a dream car or upgrading the current one to a better model always comes up as a high priority goal of an individual while doing financial planning.

Do I need a health corpus when i already have medical insurance?

Can you depend on your health insurance policy to take care of all your healthcare costs?

Planning and taking care of healthcare expenses pre and post retirement is an important task as these expenses generally increase with age. To ensure this, adequate health insurance should be in place.

Gifting Grandchildren

We all know how grandparents love to make you feel special always. They shower you with gifts, buy you anything you want, just to see you happy. Most of us cherish the memory of getting a special gift from our grandparents. Without them, no event would be complete for a kid, be it annual day at school or birthday party. And it’s the same way around for them too. They always want the best for their grand kids.

The importance of knowing your networth

Nowadays, the lifestyle of most of the working class has improved drastically, thanks to the abun-dance of high-paid jobs and the increase in household income. The improved disposable income has led to an increase in the savings habit and asset accumulation.

Budgeting to save better

Budgeting is the key towards building wealth. Budgets are more than just paying bills on time. It determines how much one should spend, and on what. By preventing from overspending on less important items, a budget helps to channel resources to areas that should be given priority.