I would like to express my appreciation for the thoughtful financial guidance I received from you. As a military family pensioner, I was not sure how to allocate my pension fund for my needs. Your sound advice eased my anxiety by clarifying my financial position with regard to my savings, expenses and future plans.

Thank you for spending more than an hour with me to examine and think through the financial options available for me, given my circumstances. Now I have a more realistic idea of what I can and cannot do with my finances. I am aware of where I need to cut back my expenses, and have understood the necessity of more savings.

Your counsel has been a wonderful learning opportunity for me. Better late than never!

I strongly feel that financial guidance needs to begin at school level with children, starting with pocket money and gifts for birthdays and festivals, to planning with parents or guardians for higher education or professional training at the high school level.

Although I worked in my profession for almost three decades, I did not plan my spending or saving. If it were not for my father who enlightened me about the Public Provident Fund, I would have had no savings at all. The organizations I worked with did not advise employees about payments, bonuses, increments, etc. I just signed for, and accepted my pay checks without a squeak, as I was woefully ignorant about my dues. If I was paid more or less at any time, I was none the wiser.

After my husband’s demise, I was forced to take charge of all my household and living expenses, and slowly but painfully I learned through my mistakes. Learning by trial and error takes time and is a slow process. Therefore, I value all the more, the time I spent with you.

May your guidance and counsel help many, many more people like me manage their finances more effectively.