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Planning for Retirement: The how, when, how much and why of it

Source: IRIS (09-APR-12)

Very often, we assume, retirement is too far away to bother about how we can sustain a lifestyle similar to our working years.
However, not many realize that retirement as a goal is one of the most important and most difficult to conceptualize, because of its long duration to the start of goal achievement, lack of clarity on interest rates, returns, performance, sustainability and longevity of income required.

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Are you an holder with any of Fidelity`s funds

Source: IRIS (02 April 2012)

L&T Finance is taking over Fidelity India Mutual fund business.

Change in the management is the crucial decision whether to stay invested or exit from this fund.

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Checks to be made on investing for smooth Transmission

Source: IRIS (12-MAR-12)

Loosing a family member could be an emotional and financial drain on you.

Here are some of the checks one should ensure while investing in funds and filling up application forms of mutual fund investments.

  1. Ensure the name is written in the application form as per the PAN and Know Your Client(KYC )details registered with Central Depository Services India Limited(CDSL)
  2. Enter the date of birth details on the application form especially if you are filling details of investment in a minors name.
  3. If investment is made by a husband/wife, the other spouse should be a joint applicant and the mode of holding should be in anyone or survivor basis or joint holding basis, if you would like both the parties to sign for any changes on the investment. Preferably, anyone or survivor reduces the time and operational delays in getting the work done!
  4. Ensure a nominee is registered inspite of two or three holders being the holders of the investment. If nominee is not registered, the number of documents for transmission increases.

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Fund selection and what is means to the investor

Source: IRIS (27-FEB-12)

Most of our clients have been investing for the last 15 years, since mutual funds have been in existence.

What is it that really makes one invest in one fund and not in the other?

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Asset Allocation

Direct Link : http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?dir=2012%2F02%2F09%2….

Too often financial planning is made out to be simpler than it is. Of course, at a level financial planning is relatively uncomplicated. But that does not mean that it`s only about identifying investment objectives and outlining an investment plan that will help you get there. It does involve both these elements of course, but there is an equally important element that is often ignored – asset allocation.

Its like getting out of your home, not knowing where you want to go!

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Dad’s advice led to this success: Dilshad Billimoria

Ravi Samalad
Direct Link : http://www.cafemutual.com/News/InnerDist.aspx?srno=94

Heeding her dad’s advice of pursuing a career in finance, Bangalore-based Dilshad Billimoria has established herself as a prominent advisor in the south.

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What PMS is all about!

There is a hilarious mail exchange a friend forwarded me between him and his portfolio management scheme (PMS) “relationship manager”. Friend invests money five years ago and forgets about it. 2011 tax time approaches and he pulls out the PMS to see how it did. Where did my Rs.8 lakh reach after five years of cooking? Rs.9 lakh? Shock and disbelief. It grew 0.87% a year! Does a quick check and finds that the Sensex grew 10% a year over that period. Asks PMS “relationship manager” what happened. PMS manager (I swear I am not making this up) says: look carefully, we actually gave a return of 4.62% per year. You get the figure of 0.87% because the difference is our charges. For managing your money, you see. I’ve advised friend to ride the bus called a mutual fund (buy out of the Mint50 list) and forget about these get-rich-quick PMS schemes. At least he got his money back. His other story… OK, OK, another time.

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Insurance World, Jan 2006, Mumbai page 23

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