I had done a few planning exercises in the past, where the consultant had taken my inputs on my goals and the timelines. This was the first time that the the data gathering exercise was so comprehensive. Just going through the process forced me to clear my thinking about my objectives, and also brought to the fore several objectives which were not explicitly on my radar.

This was the first time that I saw a clear mapping of my various investments (current and new) to the objectives and the time horizons. Dilshad did a very good job with the mapping. Each objective was dealt with in its entirety with clear recommendations on what needs to be done to meet the goal.

When planning for some new goals in the future, Dilshad re-set my thinking about how to meet them. Rather than setting aside some money out of current savings, she made me think about building the assets that will help me with those future expenses.

Dilshad was patient in explaining the thought process and details to me. It was a valuable lesson to me to understand how she picked the right set of investments to meet individual objectives.

The table which sketched recommended investment mix for different time-horizons (the spectrum from short-term to retirement ) was very useful.

Dilshad provided an independent perspective on the medical insurance cover required, and this opened up my evaluation of the schemes in the market.

I liked the clear, time-bound action plan and recommendations that were provided.