“Dilshad has been handling my financial planning for a few years now. I find that she brings in the right blend of professionalism, interest in my well-being and financial health to the job. She made it a point, over many discussion, to understand my goals, my status and requirements without being aggressive or overt. And she has gently worked towards my achieving those goals; constantly fine-tuning her approach to resonate with my comfort levels.

Her advice and recommendations have been sound, timely and well deliberated. She does not force fit mass-trends and hyped investments; but she actually takes a balanced view to provide recommendations that work. She makes recommendations based on research and understanding of the market. She has gradually not just increased her span of operations but also depth; also building along the way sensible reports, records and timely reports. All these reflecting how tuned-in she is with her clients’ needs.

What I appreciate most about her – is her overall approach: Without being inquisitive, aggressive, or nosey or forceful – she makes bespoke recommendations. Takes time and effort to share her findings.

She is a genuinely nice person, who is not just a natural with finances, but has also taken effort over the years to learn and hone her skills. Her organisation reflects her personality in the warmth, interest, diligence and respect that all her employees extend.
May 22, 2012

hired Dilshad as a Financial Advisor in 2007, and hired Dilshad more than once
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity