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How to construct an ideal portfolio

Starting with an essential emergency fund( cash reserve ) , then Insurances, Asset Allocation as per one’s risk profile, timely rebalancing of portfolio, Estate Planning etc. all  focus on risk management along with strategies to beat inflation and generate  decent returns to achieve financial goals. An important part of asset allocation includes investments in Equity, Debt  Cash and Gold.. However , picking the right mix of MFs requires guidance from a professional than a novice looking for a jackpot. The best […]

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Plot or a house?

http://www.myiris.com/newsCentre/storyShow.php?fileR=20130920170647715&dir=2013/09/20 Which is a better investment in property: Buying land or buying a residential house? asks a client This is a very broad question! Firstly investing in property “for investment purpose” should be considered diligently. Property growth as an asset class has been stagnant for the last 3 years especially in bangalore. Second, when someone measures returns in property, it is crucial the time period of realisation of profits is considered to calculate returns. If your money has doubled in […]

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Asset allocation holds key to returns

http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShownew.php?dir=2013/05/14/&fileR=20130514112741715 Source: IRIS (14 May 2013) ”My grandparents always believed property and gold were the two best and only investments one needs to possess.” Haven’t we heard this many a time, especially from senior people who have disposable income, but keep buying more properties? Sometimes, these people even consider taking loans at 60 years of age to acquire a property for their golden years. Why? To earn a rental income as a source of retirement inflow? Nothing can be further from […]

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