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Should you pay fees to your investment advisor and why?

Got a toothache, see your dentist! Got skin problems, see a dermatologist! Got problems with managing your finances? Well, that’s when you might want to consult an expert, a good financial planner. The reasons could be anything- Maybe you’ve come into a large inheritance or your own income went up suddenly or maybe you just bought or sold a business. Are you feeling uneasy about about your money ?– you’re not sure where it’s going now or how far it […]

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Plot or a house?

http://www.myiris.com/newsCentre/storyShow.php?fileR=20130920170647715&dir=2013/09/20 Which is a better investment in property: Buying land or buying a residential house? asks a client This is a very broad question! Firstly investing in property “for investment purpose” should be considered diligently. Property growth as an asset class has been stagnant for the last 3 years especially in bangalore. Second, when someone measures returns in property, it is crucial the time period of realisation of profits is considered to calculate returns. If your money has doubled in […]

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Why financial planning

Source: IRIS (23-APR-12) http://www.myiris.com/financial/storyShow.php?dir=2012/04/23/&fileR=20120423093014715 Like most people, you have hopes, dreams, and life goals for yourself and your family. These might include buying a home or business, saving for college education for your children, taking a dream vacation, reducing taxes, and retiring comfortably. Financial planning is the process of wisely managing your finances so that you can achieve your dreams and goals- while at the same time helping you negotiate the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of […]

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