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Alternatives to Investing in Debt Fixed Deposits

Are you still following the traditional investing options for the spare money in your account popularly known as Fixed Deposit [FDs]? If you answered a YES, this post is exactly for you, as we educate you with different and smart invest options. Why Are Debt Mutual Funds an Excellent Alternative To Fixed Deposits? Let’s do a comparative study of the two investment options Debt Mutual Funds and Fixed Deposits to know which is better? Feature Debt Mutual Fund Fixed Deposits […]

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The Arbitrage Edge

The Arbitrage Edge- Tax efficient and return efficient! The term arbitrage refers to buying and selling of an asset in order to profit from the difference in prices between two markets. For example, the equity stock price of Infosys was Rs. 1,243 in the cash market and the futures price of Infosys was Rs. 1,252 in the futures and options market. Hence by buying the stock in cash market and selling or shorting Infosys futures in the futures market you […]

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