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Building a corpus for your goals

The basic idea behind having a separate corpus for each goal is to provide a sense of discipline and direction to investments. In the absence of a goal-based investing discipline, one may have the risk of overdrawing funds for the nearest goal, leaving much less for goals still to come. For instance, withdrawing too much for child’s marriage might affect the very critical retirement plan. Having a separate portfolio for each goal helps in the below mentioned ways. Know how […]

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Is a monthly pension enough for your retirement

The core function of a pension plan is to give you pension. But do you know how much returns you will get out of pension plans when the time comes for retirement? A lot of pension products do not give a clear idea on how much will you get at the end. What if the return earned is a  mere 4%, when inflation itself is 8% What will you do? One major drawback is that you have no clue what […]

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Investing Mistakes to avoid pre and post retirement

Financial security and freedom in retirement does not just happen. It takes a lot of planning, money  and commitment. Ways to Prepare for Retirement Start saving, keep saving, and stick to goals The sooner a person starts saving, the more time the money has to grow. Saving for retirement should be a priority. And it is never too early or too late to start saving. Knowing one’s retirement needs Retirement is expensive. Experts estimate that a person earning a lesser […]

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Why should you start retirement planning early

We all earn and save to have a bright future, but we never think of saving exclusively for our retirement! Is retirement not our future? As per a report, 58 % of Indians do not know what their retirement income would look like. One of the reasons cited for disinclination is a lack of understanding of long-term financial planning. Our current post will dwell into why retirement planning is important and starting early is crucial! Let’s dive in – Planning […]

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