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Tax saving options available under different sections of the Income Tax Act Coming to the end of financial year, calls for filing of income tax. This also is a crucial time where all our year-long efforts in investments will show how much we have been able to save on tax effectively. In the light of this, let’s explore some of the important sections of the Income Tax Act in terms of options available under each one of them for saving […]

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How to save tax the proper way

When its the end of every financial year and you get Goosebumps -on how to show investment proofs to save tax? Are you still understanding HRA, insurance, LTA, and medical claims? Are you scared if after submitting proof still, you may attract Income tax notice? Its better you save at the beginning of the financial year and inform your company the same. Common Mistakes Which Attract Income Tax Notices How often have you heard “a person who submitted all his […]

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