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What are the data points in term insurance calculation

A ┬áterm plan gives the policy holder an opportunity to get the protection of life insurance cover for his family at minimal costs. However, if the insured person survives the policy term he would not be eligible to receive any amount. Estimating the Life Insurance Cover required while buying Term insurance is an important part of financial planning. Enlisted are the most important data points considered by insurance companies while calculating insurance : Present age of the insured in years […]

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Should you buy term plan online?

Term plan is the most basic kind of life insurance wherein if the policyholder dies during the policy period then his family member (nominated person) gets a certain amount (sum assured). This is called the death benefit. But if the policy period is over and the policyholder is still alive then the insurance company does not remit any money back. Thus, there is no benefit on maturity of the policy. However, the most important feature of a term plan is […]

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