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Can setting up a Trust suffice the necessity of Estate Planning

One of the most integral part of financial planning is Estate Planning.  It ensures that in the event of estate owner’s death, the survivors get access to his/her assets without any disputes and legal issues, in the proportion decided by the estate owner. Wills and Trusts are important vehicles for effective estate planning. Will – A will is a written document of the desired way of distribution of wealth among loved ones after one’s death. A few pointers about a […]

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Have a family Budget in place? Here are some heads you need to delve into to get it right. Is your WILL ready? Learn about what needs to be done

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It is important for all of us to ensure that the assets we have accumulated over a lifetime are left for the benefit of those people or institutions we wish to support, and left in a way that is most beneficial to the recipient. The only way to ensure this is to do a proper estate planning. The purpose of estate planning is to prepare to transfer your assets to others in your absence. Estate planning allows you to specify […]

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